British Junior Open 2022 – enter now

Entries are now open for any nations wishing to compete in the British Junior Open 2022 (20-24 July) and close on 24th June 2022 at Midnight UK time.

Entry/Competition Information

  • Entry closing date is Thu 23rd June 2022 at Midnight UK time.
  • All entries are subject to the players national federation approving their entry into the
    competition. If entry into the competition is unsuccessful you will receive a full refund.
  • The entry fee is £80 per player.
  •  If a player withdraws before the entry closing date they will receive a full refund.
    Withdrawal after the entry closing date will be non-refundable unless a signed official
    medical letter is provided by a doctor due to illness or injury.
  • Players will eligible to enter if they turned 19 on or after the 7th January 2022.
  • The use of goggles will be in line with the guidelines, any player aged 18 or under
    must wear them at all times whilst on court