BJO 2024 : Day ZERO

The 2024 edition of the British Junior Open kicks off at four venues across Birmingham tomorrow, but today is Accreditation Day at Edgbaston Priory and the Dunlop Exhibition at the University.

We’ll bring you a few updates and photos from those events here and on our social feeds, and try to catch up with some more of the teams ands players as the excitement builds … (PS : all these photos and more in the gallery)

Finn v Nick Exhibition

What a lovely way to start the event, with a Dunlop Exhibition match between former BJO Champion (+ lots more!) Nick Matthew and last year’s B19 Champion Finnlay Withington. They and host Joey Barrington with guest junior marker and coaches put on an entertaining show to whet everyone’s appetite for the competition to come.   For the record Finn won 3-1.

Again, lost more photos in the Gallery …

Team USA here in force

54 players, 10 coaches (including former Champion Olivia Clyne) and motivational speeches from Olivia, Marina Stefanoni and Madison Ho …. team USA are looking to make another big impression in Birmingham …

Defending Champion Finn

That’s the thing about Junior Tournaments, you don’t necessarily get the chance to defend your title ! But Finn does get the chance to play Nick Matthew in tonight’s exhibition …

Famous names and future stars accreditation

Accreditation Day Pics

Before the Day